11th Hour Research Paper

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The recent news indicates the environmental crises, such as global warming and animal extinctions, which is proceeding even at this moment. But, these crises in the biosphere is often not an accident nor mystery because the damages on the environment are the facts or incidents proven by science. However, people mitigate the expanding problems as illusion and insist on their myopic attitudes. In the documentary film, “The 11th Hour” produced and narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, he and other environmentalists argued the effects on Earth that have been caused by human, who certainly do have responsibility. Although the annual celebration of Earth Day since 1970 heighten public awareness of environmental problems, its effort can’t stand against the heavy consumption. As a matter of fact, global climate change has accelerated in the past several decades and affecting various components around the world. Apparently, the effects of the climate change can be observed in places such as the Arctic Ocean, where the melting ice in Northern and Southern…show more content…
But once it turns to night, look how the gradients of white, yellow and orange prevail above the shadow. That light, the proof that civilizations have destroyed the nature with less concern on their environment reflect the current crises of the environment. As a result of unsustainable development, the problems has expanded. In an attempt to contend with the environmental crises, the world must reconsider the use of resources, make it a political issues, and also convince and motivate people toward conservation. As a first step, the world is required to shift more toward renewable energy rather than oil and fossil fuel that is limited in amount and accelerate climate change. The key concept all the people could keep in mind is frugality, the wise use of resources, which can be achieved by three R’s: reduce, reuse and
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