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Shel Silverstein literary paper
Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 25, 1930. Shel Silverstein was a song writing musician, author, and an illustrator. He spent his early life serving in the U.S. Army during 1950. He was a cartoonist for many different magazines, and when he joined Playboy, his work became national known. While working at Playboy he started his career of writing poems and songs. Some of his best known works were The Giving Tree, The Missing Piece, and Where the Sidewalk ends. He is also Grammy winner for his song “A Boy Named Sue” which a very famous name in music had performed for him, and he was also nominated for an Oscar. But what were the things
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Which is funny in its self because we all know the running joke being nobody reads playboy for the articles. At this time Shel became a musician, composing some hit country songs, he officially started his career of being a poet. Poetry is a piece of writing that is used to express one’s inner feeling and emotions, but it can also be written for fun as a pastime. His books were loved by people of all ages, and one of his hit books showed the true meaning of friendship of his books were about how bonds between things can last a life time, and they were very funny making people enjoy his work. These types of books became international famous all around the world by many children and parents.
Now what were the real things that help him start his journey? What were the things that made Shel Silverstein into the author that he was by the end of his life and how many things impacted Shel Silverstein’s writing life? When he was young he dreamed to be a good baseball player, so that he can be popular with the girls. But when he tried to play baseball he was very bad, and no girls wanted to be with him because nothing is worse than someone who is bad at something and tries too hard to try to look good at it. Because of that, Shel started his career in writing, and illustrating pictures. By the time the girls were interested in him due to the fact he was better with his words other than his physical
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