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Twelve Angry Men is a movie about a young boy on trial for murdering his father. If the boy is found guilty, he will be sentenced to death. The jury men are very aware of this fact, most are perfectly fine with sending this boy to die as one man searches for the empathy of his jury peers. One by one the jury begins to sway toward the not guilty plea, as every fact thrown into conversation gets disproved. Now, one lone juror faces not the pressure of his peers but the pressure of his emotional attachment to the case to see that the boy be punished. This finally leads to Juror #3’s inevitable surrender of not guilty.
Juror #3 came into this trial with a moral dilemma long before hearing the facts of the case. Given his past experiences,
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That’s when the old man heard the boy slam the door and begin to dart down the stairs(12 Angry Men). As soon as the body hit the floor, the old man got to his door as quick as he could and that’s when he says he saw the boy run down the stairs(12 Angry Men). Juror #3 restates this to his jury peers. If these are cold hard facts, then any emotional ties to either side of the argument can be thrown out, regardless of how you feel about something it has been proven that it did indeed happen.
Now put the emotional part aside for the moment and let’s look at Juror #3’s foundation for his argument: facts. Every word of the old man’s testimony can be disproved and was in the film, aside from him living in the apartment below. Now it may be possible that the old man did hear the boy say he was going to kill his father and he heard the body hit the floor over the roaring L train, that was running next to the apartments at the time, although unlikely. But, due to the physical limitations of this elderly man the next part is proven to be impossible. The man claims that after he heard the body hit the floor he heard the boy running out his door and down the steps. The old man stated that it took him no longer then 15 seconds to get to the front door from the other side of his apartment where he had heard the racket, after the body hit the floor (12 Angry Men). With that Juror #8 decides that he would like to reenact the old man getting to the

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