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Twelve Angry Men is a very interesting film. As the evidence is brought up to question by the jurors themselves. The complexity of this case grew as the films went on. Then came the hard part, making the decision, guilty or not guilty. Especially when you have jurors that are over shadowed by prejudice that influence their decision. It is only when prejudice is set aside that the jurors’ are able to make a more logical decision on the case. As the movie continues, all twelve jurors slowly arrive in the room. They take a seat according to their jury numbers and begin to discuss the case. The foreman then reviews the case. You learn that the man is accused of killing his father and all jurors must vote guilty or not guilty for there to…show more content…
Jurors number eight calmly responses to all the criticism by saying he just does not know what to believe and refuses to send a young man to death if he is not one hundred percent sure he did not commit the crime. He then explains that he is not there to try and change their mind but to just talk for a while and put everything on the table. Juror number ten ignorantly argues back saying how he does not believe him at all. Also adding in that all of “them” are born

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