12 Angry Men Analysis

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12 Angry Men Summary Fucking hot in the room…say something about the environment Coach -sets the stage for the negotiation by assigning seats based on juror number -said “you fellas can handle this any way you want to, im not going to make any rules”…he should have assumed more of a leadership role from the start -showed signs of becoming a good mediator by redirecting Advertising man’s attention back to the discussion. But then, he said to HF “and we might be able to show you were you were mixed up.” -Coach offered to hand control to GO after GO called Coach a kid…caused a confrontation should have separated people from problem. Took shit too personally -did nothing when Ad man and MSO played TTT…gave up leadership role to HF…show more content…
MSO pissed. Henry Fonda Exploring the possibility of innocence After results of the preliminary vote, did a great job separating the people from the problem. Especially with baseball fan (“game doesn’t start until 8:00”). Other jurors made personal jabs (Garage owner: “boy oh boy, there’s always one”). Wanted to discuss the problem and set ground rules (one hour) Offered suggestion of others voting by secret ballot…if everyone votes guilty he’ll change his vote…shielding against social proof Mostly Ignored Baseball Fan in the bathroom Court appointed lawyer After GO went on his bitchfest, HF have a great speech about the difficulty of removing personal predudices from making a decision. But we have a reasonable doubt. Allowed GO to save face but GO still sat in the corner sulking like a bitch Old Man During preliminary vote, fell victim to Social Proof. He was the last to raise his hand and hesitated when he did. Others did the same as well, but he was the most apparent by far First to Change his vote during secret ballot…”it’s not easy to stand alone against the ridicule of others”…more social proof Need more on this guy. Intro’d himself the HF outside the courthouse after deliberation ended. Garage Owner Wouldn’t play by the rules at first. Made the comment “great, what do you want to talk about” at the start of the hour discussion. Did not want to discuss the problem at hand (innocent or guilt). “We don’t owe him a

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