12 Angry Men Analysis

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CBEB 2303 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 12 ANGRY MEN: MOVIE ANALYSIS TABLE OF CONTENT NO | SUBJECT | PAGE | 1 | Synopsis | 1 | 2 | Characters | 2 | 3 | Factor affecting decision making process: * Attitudes * Personality and values * Emotions and moods | 3-44-89-11 | 4 | Other barriers affecting decision making | 11-12 | 5 | Conclusion | 13 | 6 | References | 14 | 1.0 SYNOPSIS/SUMMARY: 12 ANGRY MEN The story is basically about 12 men (jurors) urged by the judge to come to an agreement as a to whether the defendant is guilty or not. The judge explains the obligations of the jurors, and after given the instruction, the jurors shall discuss thoroughly among themselves. They must return with a vote either guilty or not. And of…show more content…
This means his attitude toward his job is positive. The cognitive component of his attitude is “the decision taken should be highly reliable and sensible”. The affective component is “responsibility for the decision made”. The behavioural component is “don’t vote for the decision which said the defendant is in guilty without discussing related matter”. As seen in the movie he was arguing with the valid information for the group to consider, expresses his point of view and make inquiry as to any differing perspectives and additions. In beginning this makes others angry because he is the only man who is holding others back. As the story unfolded, more valid information was uncovered by various members of the group and members of the group changed their votes to not guilty. Over the story going on, some changed their decision because they has convinced with the viewpoint given by the person who is an architect. But the 7th juror has changed his vote to not guilty because he doesn’t want to stay any longer. The cognitive component of his attitude is “the conversation is taking too long and if keep on arguing cannot come to an end”. The affective component is “follow the wind so that can finish task earlier”. The behavioural component is “change my vote to not guilty as others have started doing so”. He does not felt responsible for the defendant’s life. The German watchmaker scold him for his attitude, quoting “What kind of

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