12 Angry Men: Communication Analysis Paper

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Communication Analysis Paper
12 Angry Men For an in-depth look into the workings of small groups few movies have offered more than the beloved classic, 12 Angry Men. A small group is defined as group of approximately 5 to 12 people who share a common purpose and follow similar organizing rule. 12 Angry Men, as its title suggests, depicts a story of exactly 12 men who form such a group. The movie opens in the first state of Group Development, the opening period. This is the time when people in small groups will small talk, introduce themselves, and begin to learn a little about one another. During this stage in the movie, jurors discuss the view, old buildings, hot
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As the actual discussion takes place, the jurors share information in a roundtable group format. Although Juror 1 serves as the group moderator formally, Juror 8 arises as an emergent leader. He is influential over the other jurors without a formal position and is eventually seen as a role model. As he shares asking probing questions about the so called facts of the case his search for truth becomes contagious. One by one people follow his example and begin to ask the deeper questions. Where the task was initially seen as convincing Juror 8, one by one jurors come to his side and see the task as convincing the others.

The feedback stage usually comes after the business stage and before the final closing stage. It is a time where an evaluation is given of what has been done and also what is still left to be done. In this movie any feedback stage that included work still left to be done could not proceed to the closing stage, because the jurors were not allowed to physically leave until their task was complete. An example of this was in the middle of the business stage where Juror 8 begins by evaluating where they are now. He says he doesn¡¯t know the truth and that maybe no one could know the truth, but at this point there are now 9 who feel the defendant is innocent. He says, ¡°Maybe we¡¯re wrong, but we

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