12 Angry Men Conflicts Essay

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Twelve Angry Men (1957) showed several example of conflicts within the film. I will examine how each conflict was managed, which conflicts were resolved and how, along with the kinds of effects each of these conflicts caused in the film.
3 Types of Conflict

There are three types of conflict are shown within the film Twelve Angry Men. Pseudo, simple, and ego are the three types of interpersonal conflict displayed by the twelve jurors. In the small group of twelve jurors, each member of the jury is involved in at least one of the three types of conflict. Beginning with juror number eight, the first man to vote not guilty in the case, he was the first to start a conflict.

Davis, as he was identified at the end of the film, was the
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Juror one, the foreman helped to keep the group orderly and the arguments from escalating further. The tenth juror was an obnoxious man with and prejudice towards people from the slums.

His prejudice caused conflict with all of the other jury members and after some time he too changed his vote to not guilty. The stock broker with the glasses was the eleventh juror to vote not guilty. He was the fourth juror and self assured that his decision was correct and that the defendant had murdered his father. He was involved in simple conflict with the rest of the jurors.

Juror 3

Juror three, labeled as the sadist, was the last man to vote not guilty and held on to his guilty decision because of his ego. Juror three was involved in ego conflict with most of the other men. However, juror three was especially excitable and in defense of his ego against juror eight. It was not until the end of the film that juror three finally realized that his ego was the only reason why he was voting not guilty.

His troubled past with his own son was the cause of his disdain towards the young man on trial in the murder of his father. Juror three took the situation of the trial personally and therefore his own critical thinking was impaired by his basis. Once he realized he was not being attacked personally by the other jury members his ego broke down and he then changed his vote to not

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