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Over the last 60 year laws have significantly changed around the world. In 1957 New York’s penalty for 1st degree murder was the death sentence. In order for an accused to be convicted 12 jurors must come to a unanimous consensus of a guilty verdict. The film 12 Angry Men directed by Sidney Lumet and produced by Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose is about 12 jurors who are attempting to come to a unanimous decision involving an 18 year old boy who allegedly stabbed his father to death. Within the first five minutes of their deliberation 11 jurors voted for a guilty verdict; all expect jurors eight who believe that they should spend some time to discuss, before sending an 18 year old boy to die (Lumet, 1957). During the course of 80 minutes…show more content…
He disproved this with the help of all of the jurors as they all agreed that the El train would take at least 10 seconds to pass any given point meaning that the El train would have made too much noise for the old man to hear anything. Finally, he demonstrated that it was impossible for the old man to walk to the door as the old man had a stroke that significantly hinders his movement. He demonstrated this by walking 55 feet in the jury room while dragging his leg on the floor to replicate the old man. While going as fast as he could he walk 55 feet in exactly 41 seconds which is 26 seconds more than the old man claimed (Lumet, 1957).
In terms of leadership Henry Fonda has demonstrated many characteristics that prove him to be a leader like no other. The characteristics that he demonstrated were honest, inspiring, straightforward, mature, fair-minded, self- controlling, intelligent, courageous, and broad-minded.
Honesty, Inspiring and straightforward
These three characteristics are constantly demonstrated throughout the film. From the very beginning, he said not guilty, and he did not beat around the bush when he explained why. He was not saying that the accused was innocent he was simply stating that he had some reasonable doubt about the 1st-degree murder charge. He was also able to flip 11 guilty votes to none guilty by explaining the reasonable doubt he found in the witness testimony.
Broad-minded, fair-minded, and

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