12 Angry Men

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Main issues related to negotiation and conflict resolution The movie “12 Angry Men” covers different negotiation and conflict resolutions. The communication is set in a jury room where people with different worldview are bargaining over the judgment of a murder case. Juror 8 is willing to stand alone with his vote “not guilty”. Trying to avoid the winner’s course, he demanded a conversation about the case despite the clear 11-1 vote on the guilt of the defendant. Juror 8 discredits his opponents’ arguments and uncovers their constraint thinking, he uncovering doubtful evidence, alienating hardliners and engaging in conversations. In the conversation it becomes obvious that not every juror bases his decision on the same facts, and…show more content…
When he is asks to defend his position he passes, this indicates that he is lacking the braveness to speak up. Henry is aware of this fact that the best strategy to win Juror 5 over is therefore having another juror speak up. After changing to the “not guilt” side he proves himself as a valuable ally, by bringing insides to the use of the murder weapon. Juror 8 knows that bargaining power can shift through focusing on common understanding and emotional connection. Power in a negotiation can be derived through knowledge of participants. Initially Henry is quiet and not engaging in the conversation, however, he observes the others’ behavior. He never reveals anything about himself, his background, his motives, and his name stay in the dark until the end of the movie. Henry states that having reasonable doubts made him vote “not guilty”, and the idea of sentencing somebody to death can not be a matter of view minutes. He knows that only with an ally he can continue a discussion. Knowing that the he can not hold up his position alone for a longer time, he decides to gamble for the support. He hopes that he might have appealed to at least one of the jurors that were not really convinced of the guilt of the defendant from the beginning. Recognizing the importance of the life of the accused Juror 9, an older man changes his vote. He engages in Henry’s attempt to change the opinion of the others. He in the end provides the final facts that change

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