12 Angry Men Essay

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Proc 5840 Negotiations
November 26 2014

Major Issues

The major issue in this case was rather or not the young man was guilty of killing his father. According to the majority of the jurors there was no doubt in their minds the prosecutor had presented a good case and the boy should be found guilty. However Juror number eight began to question some of the evidence that was presented at the trial. From the onset juror number eight stated that he wasn’t sure if the boy was guilty or innocent and would like to talk to the other members to discuss the facts.
Several times throughout the movie it was mentioned that the jury might be hung. There were several votes with one or two members deflecting to the not guilty side on every vote.
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His premise was that this young man’s life was in their hands and they should not reach a decision without having a conversation first. He made several references to how bad of a job the boy’s lawyer did in refuting the evidence that was presented at the trial. He stated several times when asked if he thought the boy was not guilty that he wasn’t sure and they should talk about it. By being persistent and not changing his position on several votes he was able to get other members to see that there were several holes in the testimony that was presented. At one point during deliberations he was even able to have each member explain the rationale behind their vote. Juror number 8 effectively employed the collaborative negotiation style by working toward a mutually acceptable agreement that preserves or strengthens the relationship. He let other members vent their positions without making the deliberations become competitive. He spoke to each of his co-jurors with respect and kept calm and collective throughout. He was also able to use multiple communication styles that made it easier to talk to others and convey his doubt about the evidence. I felt as if even though the relationship concerns were low due to the fact that he didn’t know the other jurors he did a good job of maintaining his cool. Knowing that Juror number eight has a background as an architect it was no surprising that his attention to detail to the evidence may have

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