12 Angry Men

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The 12 Angry Men Case Dennis Ojwang Organizational Management 701 February 26, 2015 When this movie was made, no one could have depicted that it would greatly speak of the ever changing dynamics of our world today. Immigration and diversity seem to have plagued the world now more than ever and it is no surprise that the business world has been changed tremendously. When this movie came out in 1957, there wasn’t much diversity as we see it today. Upon watching this movie, various topics covered, ranging from power and influence, ethical decision making and diversity, group formation and dynamics, cultural diversity, organizational culture, conflict management and then, there’s an introduction of Fiedler’s leadership model. The…show more content…
In our class discussion in Week 5, we explored about the ‘five interpersonal power bases.’ One of the power bases that I would say that Henry Fonda closely related to is Expert Power coupled with Referent Power. “Expert power is derived from possessing knowledge or expertise in a particular area. Such people are highly valued by organizations for their problem solving skills…… “Referent power is derived from the interpersonal relationships that a person cultivates with other people in the organization. People possess reference power when others respect and like them.”(Merchant, 2015). The position that Henry’s character took the lead at a time that someone’s life was in jeopardy. He could have opted and just gone along like the other jury members. He was able to take that lead by letting the people know that they have to ask questions and have satisfactory answers. Once they made a decision, it was going to be hard reversing it. That is why he proposed that thorough follow through with the evidence and witnesses presented before them. Fonda’s attitude and treatment of other people might have worked in his favor. He set a cooperative initiative within the jurors because he listened and gave them the opportunity to share ideas. The requirement that the jury should be unanimous forces the group to bond and start processing the information that they had. Clearly, just like any other conflict within and

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