12 Angry Men Film Review

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12 Angry Men is a 1957-drama film that tells the story of a jury’s deliberation in determining the guilt or acquittal of the defendant. All jury members are older white gentleman with strong personalities. The wide ranges of personalities tend to cause conflict and tension among the group of men. Throughout the film these men work on many consensus-building techniques but often come across difficulties during the process. Luckily, they are provided with a leader who maintains organization, order and equal opportunities for all jurors to speak. Juror one, who is also known as the foreman, is given the job of leading the jurors to come to a unanimous decision. The foreman is a smaller gentleman who seems to be impressed by the authority he has, which puts hurdles in his leadership skills.

As stated above, the foreman was very organized and fair. For instance, before beginning the deliberation, the foreman made sure every juror was ready to begin and making sure they sat by their juror numbers. Next, he makes sure to inform all jurors of the rules and consequences of their verdict. The foreman begins by having each juror raise their hand in favor of the verdict they believe is suitable. This is where the conflict begins; juror 8 is the only person to vote not guilty, which causes frustration within some of the men. Some jurors begin to bicker and voice their opinions but the foreman handles it well. He decides to go around the table and have each juror explain why they voted…

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