12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men depicts the New York murder trial. The premise is the trial of a frightened, teenaged defendant accused of stabbing and killing his father. The judge advises the 12 jurors, that a unanimous decision needs to be made with fair and unbiased manner. If the jury decides unanimously that the boy is guilty he will be sentenced to death. However, if there is a reasonable doubt, the jury needs to reach a ‘not guilty’ decision, and the boy will be freed. A life and death decision needs to be made. The process whereby the difficult decision is reached illustrates a situation where a minority transforms the opinion of a majority by exerting persuasive tactics. The group is challenged by various opinions, intense frustrations, and lack of…show more content…
Many of the jurors also do not take 9th juror seriously and don’t believe he will have any valuable points to make purely because he is an elderly man. Throughout the play 3rd juror has a strong prejudice against children. He comments about his son and towards the end it becomes clear that he was being prejudiced towards the accused purely because it reminded him of his son, who has grown up and does not get along with Some jurors are stubborn to accept the facts when obviously shown in front of them. Instead, they refuse to agree and continue to argue what they believe which causes the verdict to be prolonged and harder to solve. Especially 3rd juror ‘I’m entitled to my opinion. I can sit in this goddamn rom for a year. Somebody say something’. He is the juror who holds out for the longest. He aggressively, impatient and sarcastically rejects the alternative explanations and possibilities raised by other jurors The physical environment also contributes to the climate of conflict. The room is very small causing a very close interaction zone. It is said to be the hottest day of the year and the fan does not work at first. The men gather into the jury room it is apparent through their body language and conversations that most of the men are hot, exhausted, and ready to convict the boy without giving it another thought. This gives a heated and tension atmosphere to the

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