12 Angry Men Essay

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12 Angry Men

1. Which characters base their decisions on prejudice?
Juror number 4 based his decision based on the fact that the boy on trial grew up in the slum. Juror number 4 said, “He was born in a slum. The slum is a breeding ground for criminals. I know it and so do you. It’s no secret that children from slum backgrounds are menaces to society.” While Juror number ten just doesn’t like the boy bases on his race. Throughout the entire movie, he referred to the boy as them.
2. Does Juror #8, or any other character, exercise “reverse discrimination?
Juror number eight did not exercise reverse discrimination. But juror number 9 did. He favored the old man and made all the other jurors believe that he was
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Juror number two was timid when it came to speaking his mind. At the beginning, he agreed with everyone else and voted guilty. But after a while, he was able to speak against the others and changed his vote to not guilty. Juror number three is rude, stubborn, loud, straightforward, and unmannered. He was extremely hard headed when it came to this case and he made himself strongly believe that the boy was guilty until the very end. Juror number four was extremely logical when it came to this case. Every time he spoke, he would base things on the facts rather than the ‘what ifs’. Both jurors numbers five and six were more like observers and kept an open mind to things. But juror number six had respect for his elders because when juror number 3 interrupted juror number 9, he stood up for him and asked for him to continue speaking. They talked only when they thought necessary or when spoken to. Juror number seven
6. How would you have voted if you were on the jury?
If I we on the jury, I would have voted guilty at first. But as time went on, and the events happened as they did, I would have changed my vote sometime after seeing that it would have taken the old man a total of 41 seconds to get to the door.
7. How does the twelve angry men demonstrate the weaknesses of the jury system?
It demonstrates that most people put their personal feelings when it comes to trials like these. Even though there are people that will say that they are not racist or

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