12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men-Influencing Other Group Members This movie was great to see again and to experience all the different dynamics that were occurring amongst the 12 jurors. The time frame in which this movie takes place is not too different than what we experience today in our judicial system. The major differences today would be we do not discriminate based upon age, race or gender. All three of these factors would influence how the jurors would interact with one another and would eventually have a major impact on the final verdict. Juror 8 was so successful in convincing the other 11 jurors for two simple facts. He demonstrated assertiveness and use of reason. While his peers and the foreman fell into a group think mentality from the…show more content…
Juror 11 was quiet through this portion of the movie and did not utilize any type of influence on the group. Juror 12 did not mention specific reasons why he thought the boy was guilty, but during the entire movie he was always joking about his work and trying to derail the groups progress. Once the group completed this juror 8 asked for a secret ballot. He stated he would not participate in the vote, and if all 11 jurors voted guilty he would follow suit. At this exact time the shift of power moved from the foreman to juror 8. Also, at this time the group moved from the storming stage towards the norming stage. As the votes came back all but one vote was guilty. This action set the group towards the next step of performing. The other jurors felt there was more to the guilty verdict than they experienced from the onset of the deliberations. Juror 8 at this moment solidified his leadership position by requesting the foreman to ask for the knife and the floor layout of the apartment. As it happens juror 8 was able to cast doubt amongst all the jurors by obtaining the same knife the boy supposedly killed his father with. Next, juror 8 walked off the distance the eyewitness (Who had a stroke a year before) had to walk in the middle of the night to see the defendant leaving his father's apartment. Then the group asked

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