12 Angry Men Summary of Characters

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Martin Balsam (The Foreman) (Juror 1) Age: Late 30’s Early 40’s Job: Assistant Coach
Very simple well organized man, kept things in line. Didn’t have much to say throughout the meeting.
He enjoys coaching football seems to be the only time he is at ease is when he was talking about football.
He was not faced with much conflict directed at him, but he seemed to keep the peace and didn’t want any problems.
5.5 He’s in a way quiet, he doesn’t have any resentment or say hurtful things to others he seems to be in the middle, and very well organized.

John Fiedler (Juror 2)
Age: 35-40 Job: Bank Teller
Soft spoken. Doesn’t have much to say. He is very quiet at the beginning, doesn’t know what he’s really talking about. Starts to
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He was the only one at first to say not guilty. He said the boy was not guilty, not knowing if he was right or wrong he wanted to look more into it. Look into the facts, but the real facts. He is very detailed. Did well holding his place, and keeping what he thought was right out, without changing his mind only because he was the only one.
He was faced with conflict since the start of the discussion. He did not back off, but attacked in a reasonable way. He got his point across without losing his temper. He caused arguments, but reasonable arguments that were relevant and about the topic he felt was right.
9.9 Very caring, and committed to people. He wanted to know the truth/facts but did not harm any or lose his temper to get it.

Joseph Sweeney ( Juror 9)
Age: 80’s -- The old man
Quiet. Very observant. He kept to himself most of the time. He is very detailed, and gets his point across in a long way but he makes his point and well enough to influence others. He doesn’t say much until he is definitely sure, he is very smart and wise.
Was not faced with conflict often. He just backed off and kept quiet and to himself. But yet he still got his point across when he needed to.
9.9 Always seen the other side. Detailed. Didn’t lose his temper, even when under pressure. He knew what he was talking about and cared for the other person.

Ed Begley (Juror 10)
Age: 70’s -- Garage Owner, and had a cold.
Know it all. Well thinks he is. He didn’t want

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