12 Angry Men Themes

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After watching the 12 Angry Men film one of the two themes that stood out to me was perseverance that was displayed by the eighth juror. He was only one of the eleventh jurors who found the defendant not guilty. He took his time explaining and hearing opinions from the opposition side instead of arguing with them that the child did not murder his father. He has the jurors look at the evidence and points out the flaws. Despite no one agreeing with him at first, he is able to win over juror number nine. Juror number eight was able to have the other question the evidence and come to a conclusion of certain areas of the evidence they overlooked. Surprisingly, after each vote count, he was able to win over some jurors to the not guilty side. Even…show more content…
Not everything you hear or see is true. At the beginning of the film, everyone was certain that the accused was guilty eleven jurors against one juror. Even at the end, no one is entirely sure that the defendant is innocent or guilty. However, juror eight had other jurors question the flaws that were seen by each evidence he tried presenting such as a switchblade. Also, juror eight brings the phrase “I’m going to kill you” told by the old man into questioning whether or not the man heard this when the train was passing by the building (Rose, 1957). However, as they continue to examine minute details about the case and the evidence presented by the attorneys in the courtroom, they discover that there are many factors about the case that allows for a reasonable doubt. They could not let an innocent person be put to death when certain evidence presented before them was questionable. Even if the jurors were right or wrong, they had the ultimate decision of having the defendant killed or freed despite being innocent or guilty. That little doubt helped them not make a big mistake and ultimately come to a conclusion after reviewing several pieces of evidence that were presented before them by the Prosecutor and
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