12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose

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Some stories use variety of settings to initiate an interesting beginning. However, the 12 Angry Man has only one fixed setting – the jury room, which is not commonly used in a novel. The author, Reginald Rose, overcomes the limitation in setting by describing changes in weather, initiating different types of character and imitating the events of the murder. First of all, the author overcomes the limitation in setting by describing changes in weather. In the story, the weather had a major effect which leads the change in feeling. The weather changes from very hot to raining to storming. In act I, it’s a extremely hot day, all of the 12 jurors sitting in an closed room, the air conditioner was unfortunately not working. This makes all of the jurors annoyed, such as juror 7 said (Reginald 6). The foreman was trying to fix the electronic fan. Because of the hot weather, it makes the atmosphere intense as well. The high temperature makes the jurors annoyed and makes it harder for them to vote. Moreover, when it begins to rain, the jurors start to be more irritated and annoyed. For example, juror 7, he got really angry and became impatient because his baseball game had been cancelled due to the heavy rain. Juror 7 is a big fan of baseball, like he said: "This better to be fast. I got tickets to a ball game tonight. Yankees - Cleveland". When it storms, a big fights and…
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