12 Devil's Graveyards: The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle is a very dangerous, triangle-shaped area of ocean located near the bottom coast of Florida. Many people know about this, but what people didn’t know, is that there are 12 (Now only Eleven) more triangles exactly like this one. They all have different names, but for now, let’s call them “The 12 Devil’s Graveyards”. The 12 Devil’s Graveyards are 11 triangles spread across the world. (One triangle was deactivated.) The weird thing is: These triangles make a pattern. All triangles in this map are on the Lines of Cancer and and Capricorn. The two triangles that are not on this map are located directly in the center of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. In 1962 the Soviet Union launched an Electromagnetic Nuclear Bomb for a test. 800 feet away from “Ground Zero”, the island Hawaii was hit with the Electromagnetic Pulse from the bomb explosion. Many disappearances over a similar triangle as the Bermuda Triangle happened. They stopped after 1962. Underneath the triangles there is proven to be “Aluminum-Isotope”. The metal is not magnetic but stops the magnetic field from the Earth from reaching it’s full power in that area. When the Electromagnetic Pulse from the bomb hit Hawaii, it also disabled the Aluminum-Isotope.…show more content…
It didn’t do anything. It was too late to do anything else, so the camera crew drove off in a car. The plan was to come back in the morning and figure out why it didn’t work. People were still at the sight and they wanted to try it one more time. The security cameras show footage of one of the workers grabbing a length of heavy metal cord. When the cord came into contact with the testing ground, a large explosion happened. The people that left drove back to see what went wrong, but all they found was a large circle of blackened
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