12 Grams Of Oil Lab Report

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This lab was used to show how much sopa could be created using 12 ml of vegetable oil and 6 grams of sodium hydroxide. The equation C57H10O6+3NaOH = C3H8O3+3C18H35NaO2 represents the chemical reaction that occurs during this experiment. I was able to produce 9.16 grams of soap using the methods described above. The desired result was 12.66 grams, giving my experiment a percent error of 27.6. This variation could have been caused by not stirring long enough, incorrect measurement, or incorrect weighing. Although these errors may have occurred, I believe the experiment I carried out is very repeatable. Part of the reason my results may have differed from the desired value could be due to the time constraint I faced. I may have rushed the lab,
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