12 New Rules of B2B Product Launch

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Think of the expanding power of the internet. Consider the unique behavior of B2B buyers. Put them together for…

12 New Rules B2B Product Launch by Dan Adams
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Why new rules? Why now? First, the internet is changing everything. Most B2B transactions now occur when the customer finds the supplier—not the other way around. If someone deep inside a prospect company can’t find you, your new product just lost to a competitor’s. Second, B2B marketers have been following the rules of B2C marketers for way too long. Compared to their
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You really must do both stages well to win big. In fact, you need to link your early-stage and late-stage marketing… by intentionally gathering customer information in the front end for later use in your launch. To do this well, replace the 4 Ps you borrowed from consumer marketing (product, price, place, promotion) with a new B2B model:
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To get the Right Message, data-mine your front-end interviews to uncover customers’ hot-button language. For the Right Media and Right Prospects, add two questions to customer interviews and surveys: 1) 2) How does your company learn about new ideas? Who decides which ideas to pursue?

The first question tells you their preferred media use. The second helps you target key prospects in the company. Of course, there’s more you can do, but these simple steps will do wonders for your next product launch.


Rule 3

Principle #3
Your goal is to be the first to occupy mind-space for your category.

Get inside their minds with positioning
Over 25 years ago, Ries and Trout brought us Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.1 Much of their thinking still applies today. Consider these principles adapted for B2B:

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If you “plant your flag” first in the customer’s mind,

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