12 Volt Dc Power Supplies: The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Various Designs

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Design four (4) different 12 volt DC power supplies to operate from 230 volts AC. Design 1 Schematic Design 2-Zener regulator Design 3-IC regulator (7805 IC regulator) The advantages and disadvantages of the various designs Design 1 Advantages The only advantage that this design has is that it can produce a 12V output Disadvantages The disadvantage is that the power output is unregulated Design 2- Zener diode regulation Advantages Control-The Zener diode regulator can be used to control as well as reverse parts of the current that flows through it. This allows for a regulated and stable voltage output. Size- the Zener diode's size is small and yet its performance is remarkable.This means that it can be used in very small devics such as cell phones, spy cameras etc. Performance-The performance index of Zener diodes is very high. Compatibility as well as obtainability-Due to the low cost and the greater control of the Zener diodes, their applications are commonplace in various devices. Disadvantages Wasters too much energy-very poor efficiency Has poor regulation The use of a series resistor,Rs adds to internal circuit impedance. This also limits the flow of current through the transistor. The stability factors as well as output resistances are not very low (Godse & Bakshi,2009). Design 3-IC regulation Advantages Very efficient Very simple Easy to use Simplifies the design of power supply greatly Low cost due to mass production Very
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