12 Year Old Research Paper

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If I could Talk to my Twelve Year Old Self... Reading a book, twelve year old Kate sat in her room as I, her high school self, approached. The twelve year old Kate looks a lot like me. The same rectangular glasses that have only changed in thickness over the years, the braid, and the insistence on wearing t shirts and jeans every day. Despite the appearance similarities, the opinions have changed over the years. The twelve year old version of myself had a different idea of what I wanted to do with my life. She wanted to be a veterinarian with a family of her own. As a high schooler, I have less of an idea of a desired future. I want to be a zoologist, and that is the closest idea I have for what I want from my future. I also know we would disagree on many ideas that involve anything but animals. Twelve year old Kate did not think too much on big issues in the world, mostly because she was a twelve year old in Valmeyer. The world outside of Valmeyer was not something…show more content…
Junior high was full of books: Eragon, The Maze Runner, The Hobbit, and other books. Actual people and social interactions were not a strength nor are they now. The advice I would give my twelve year old self would be to get out of her books and spend time with friends. Specifically, be a better friend to Selena. I am great friends with her now, but I also look back at eighth grade and wince at not speaking up for her at our lunch table. I know twelve year old Kate was convinced her best friend since kindergarten would stay that way forever; to a point this lead her to believe it was not overly important to make good friends otherwise. She had people that she was friends with at school, but she never spent time with them outside of school. Quite honestly, she did not really spend that much time with any of her friends outside of school anyway. At the time, this did not seem like a bad thing nor was it something she ever thought
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