`` 12 Years A Slave `` And The Fight For Freedom

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Throughout the the period of Antebellum America, the institution of slavery distinctly shaped the lives of both enslaved, and free, African Americans. This institution tore apart lives, killed countless, and wrongly enslaved an entire race of people for something out of their control.. The academy award winning film 12 Years a Slave tells the tragic tale of Solomon Northup, a free African American, and his horrific journey while kidnapped into slavery. This film portrays both the struggle and the act of resisting authority that many African Americans of this time participated in through various means. Another excellent source of information comes from the book Harriet Tubman and the Fight for Freedom which perfectly displays a shortened African American history through the use of brief documents. Through the use of these two resources, as well as the lectures, I will display how the institution of slavery changed the lives of countless African Americans spanning across generations and slave status. Within the antebellum period, enslaved African Americans experienced brutal conditions and treatment unlike any other. From abuse to rape, enslaved African Americans during this time truly suffered an incomprehensible tragedy. Nearly as detrimental, the paternalistically based society that sprouted from this horrid institution had many implications across all of America. First off, it enacted the southern code of honor. This was the idea that men needed to protect their family…

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