12 Years a Slave Essay

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12 Years a Slave Author: Solomon Northup Forwarded By: Steve McQueen History 1301 October 7, 2013 The main idea of the book was to share with the reader and give a deeper understanding of what occurrences happened during the darkest periods in American history. The author shares his life during his twelve years, on a personal level, to be able to connect with his readers and show his perspective on his experiences during his time held captive as a slave. When taught about slavery, students can grasp, understand and feel how slaves felt back during the 1800s. Slaves were brutally beaten and worked from dusk till dawn. Slave masters had no mercy on their slaves; they would beat them till they were close to death. This…show more content…
Vengeance was what ran through Tibeats blood. Though Northup did what Tibeats told of him, he did not approve of his faithfulness. Instead of giving gratitude he condemned Northup every time. As time went on Tibeats wanted to kill him, which lead Northup to run away and soon sold to another master. Northup’s third master, Edwin Epps, was a drunkard. Most nights he would whip his slaves and find enjoyment out of it. During the last few years Northup had with Epps, he would play his violin for other plantation owners around the area and get paid. Around Christmas, slaves had a couple of days off from work. Some don’t get days off but readers at this point can think “Oh slaves had days off?” Not many people would come to think slaves could celebrate any holiday. I really enjoyed reading this book. Solomon Northup story is very inspirational. Reading his book can give his readers different views and new thoughts during the days of slavery. There is an endless amount of truth that can be told in books such as this one. Just learning from a different perspective rather than reading it from a history book makes me want to learn more. I learned that there was more than just slave master’s beating their slaves. I learned that there were overseers and that sometimes even the slave is an overseer. I cannot imagine how heart ripping it was for a slave to beat their fellow slaves; especially if I knew them on a personal level. I learned that there were master’s who did not
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