1230 Client/Server Networking Final Test Study Guide Essay

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1. List the Windows 7 Libraries a. Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos. 2. What is the purpose of PowerShell b. Designed to replace VB Script for scripting and performing actions at the command line 3. Which editions of Windows 7 can be added to an Active directory domain? c. Professional and up 4. What is Window PE d. Is a minimal Win32 operating system with limited services, built on the Windows Vista kernel. It is used to prepare a computer for Windows installation, to copy disk images from a network file server, and to initiate Windows Setup. 5. Define User profile e. Is a collection of personal data associated to a specific user. 6. What is the upgrade advisor? f. A…show more content…
What is used to encrypt files when using EFS? w. Digital certificate 24. MMC (Microsoft Management) Console x. Customize snap-ins 25. What is remote Assistance? y. Have to have an invitation to help assist a user remotely 26. What is TCP Port 3389 used for? z. Remote desktop and remote assistance 27. Windows Boot Manager {. Display boot menu and loads the kernel 28. System Configuration Tool |. An advanced tool that can help identify problems that could prevent Windows from starting correctly 29. Last Known Good Configuration }. Last time that windows started without any problems 30. What is BranchCache ~. Save things locally to save banwidth 31. Server Role . Primary duty 32. Server Core . Barebone installation no gui 33. Maximum RAM for Windows Server 2008 R2 . 32 GB 34. When should you get windows updated for your computer? . When you first install 35. What is a clean installation . Install from scratch 36. Define server . Dedicated computer 37. Explain user rights . What a user can and can’t do 38. Control Panel applet that allows computer name change . system 39. Define Domain . Group of computers that share a security database 40. Location to configure IP address information . Network and sharing center 41. What is the Print Management

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