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Executive Summary The 918th Bomber group is radically transformed from being a "hard luck" group under Colonel Davenport to a successful group with pride and self confidence under Brigadier. Savage. The reasons for the dramatic turn around lie clearly in the differences in the leader ship style between the two men. The primary causes of the division 's transformation under Savage include: • A leader with a vision who can see the bigger picture. • Focusing on critical tasks and not on relationships. • Addressing performance gaps. • Meaningful reward systems and punishments • Instilling a sense of pride and self confidence to the group . Introduction The analysis presented in this paper has been done with an aim to answer…show more content…
The effect of this is that he drives home the message that this is no longer a "friends helping friends" kind of organization that it used to be under Davenport but a military operation that needs to adhere to strict guidelines to function effectively. In fact he immediately asks that room mates be changed for all his men so no personal affiliation are fostered that could jeopardize the mission. Finally, in the new organizational structure, Savage ensures that the men do not become dependent on him for flying their missions. He rotates the leader for each mission thereby ensuring that no one person becomes indispensable to the success of the mission. The impact of this is the culmination of the movie when Gately, an under performer initially, ends up leading and succeeding the important mission of destroying the German ball bearings factory. Human Resource Management Unlike Davenport, Savage was very keen on using a system of punishments and rewards to manage resources and to overcome performance gaps. He demotes Gately and puts him in charge of a plane with misfits and under performers. Worse, he humiliates Gately by asking him to paint the words "Leper Colony" on his plane. In the long run the

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