12angry Men

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12 Angry Men paper Influence Like power, influence deals with the capacity to impact the behaviors of others. Influence, however, arises directly from one’s behavior toward others. There are 8 methods you can use: Foreman –giving options, being likeable, listening to others 1. Coalition building: seeking alignment with others Asking everyone what they thought when he gave everyone the story about the woman. Comparing kids juror #2 and #8 seeking sympathy to show how kids can be ungrateful #8 Involved everyone in discussion and made changes as suggested (speed it up anyone can walk faster than that) One juror looking at the other juror – did or didn’t the old man see the boy moving out the house?…show more content…
judicial system and the "task" facing the jury: Knows the man better than anyone here….. Multiple jurors Going over and over each detail of the case 8 is more effective because he remains calm, precise, used precise calculations , logical thinking, visual demonstrations shouty guy less effective and was able to be pushed to threatening which dis-proved him. Very good at disproving all objections or setting up reasonable doubt, Very good at going through all the points and creating reasonable doubt. Respecting everyone whether he agreed with tem or not – now the onus is on him to prove that boy is guilty. _______________________________________ 9. The accused, or defendant, is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty. The jury must decide "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant is guilty. 10. The verdict must be unanimous. Anything other than a unanimous conclusion on the part of the jury—either guilty or not guilty—will result in a "hung jury." If and when the jury announces that it cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge will declare the trial to be ended. At that time, the state prosecutor can decide to retry the case with a completely new jury. 11. At the time this film was made—the mid-1950s—juries tended to be dominated by white males. Women were issued automatic exceptions and people of color were excluded because of racial/
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