13 Conversations

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The Conquest of Happiness Ask yourself if you’re really happy and you might be surprised at what you find. Ask several people at various points in their lives and you will get a different answer. This is the premise behind the film “13 Conversations about One Thing”, a touching, poignant and in some moments, deeply philosophical film, directed by Jill Sprecher. The film interweaves five contemporary stories into a single narrative. It deals with the profound, often unintentional impact that people have on one another, while searching for a more meaningful and happier existence. As the characters lives collide, mesh, and bounce off one another we see how their lives are linked in moments of highs and lows. The movie finds connections…show more content…
The other principle parts belong to Troy (Matthew McConaughey) and Beatrice (Clea Duvall). Troy is a hot shot attorney, out celebrating over a recent court victory. He is loud, obnoxious and, loves his job. He feels the greatest happiness from his work and is very boisterous, as he says; he is celebrating “putting another bad guy away”. While ordering drinks at the bar, he meets Gene, an insurance adjuster who seems to be pessimistic about the possibility of happiness. Troy buys Gene a drink; he wants everybody to be happy. Gene tells Troy that happiness is not all it’s cracked out to be. Troy mocks him and then leaves to returns to his party, happier than ever. Troy doesn’t realize the implications of Gene’s cautionary tale about luck and happiness. On his way home, his life is jolted after a hit and run accident. He knows how much trouble he is in and instinctively leaves the scene. He is consumed by guilt, which spoils his ability to enjoy anything in life and to ever be happy again. It teaches us how our happiness can change in an instant and leaves us questioning how much of what we might call “luck” is involved in our happiness. In the following scene we meet Beatrice, an honest, optimistic young woman who has a sunny disposition on life. Beatrice works as a house cleaner for an agency and seems to enjoy her job, never complaining about the work she
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