14 BA Mini Project AY1415s1 V4 Edited

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ITE3001 Information Technology Essentials – Services (Mini Project)

This Mini Project contributes 50% of total module marks.

The project consists of FOUR

parts (total 50%), students are required to complete Part 1, 2 & 4 with Microsoft Office 2010 and Part 3 with Google Sites tools.
Students are recommended to submit their completed works in TWO phases, of which penalty will be imposed to any kinds of late submission.
Phase I Submission (21-Nov-2014 5:00 pm):

Part 1 (15%), Part 2 (10%) and Part 3 (15%)
Upload your FOUR completed files (don't compress them) as follows:





to Moodle via the assignment link "Mini Project – Phase I Submission".
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You decided to use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a great looking3 flyer to effectively convey your message to the target students.

It is required that the completed Word file should be in

A4-size and less than 3 MB in file size.

You must also produce an exact copy of the completed


flyer in PDF file format so that the marketing manager can view the true layout of your flyer.
The filenames of the completed Word file and PDF file must be flyer.docx and flyer.pdf respectively. Marking Criteria (Relative weighting for this part):

Clear and concise message about the event. Avoid putting too many words in the flyer.


Flyer layout (e.g. arrangement of words, graphics, pictures etc.) and design (colours, font styles etc.)


Demonstrate the appropriate use of techniques learned in this module (e.g. graphics,
WordArt, multi-column layout, page border, links between textboxes, etc.)
Part 3 : Google Sites
(15% of Total Module Marks)
Estimated Time To Complete : 1.5 hours

Background to the problems
The Human Resource (HR) Manager wants to recruit trainee from the IVE

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