14 Cows For America Analysis

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I have read two books that share the same theme. 14 Cows for America and The Giving Tree are the books I’ve read. The books’ theme is giving when someone is in need, and they teach the theme similarly and differently. Do you want to know them? If you do, keep reading! The two books I’ve read approach the same theme similarly. One reason this is true is that in both books they gave everything they had to the person/people that were in need. In 14 Cows for America, the author explains the cow is life for the people of Maasai, but they still gave the cows to America, meaning they gave their life to America. In The Giving Tree, the tree gave the boy everything she had, literally! Her apples, her branches, her trunk, and in the end, she let the boy sit on her stump. Another similarity I found is that they both came to accept the gifts when they were in need. In 14 Cows for America, the Ambassador of America that lived near Kimeli and his tribe came to accept the cows. In the same way, The Giving Tree, the boy kept coming boy kept coming back to get supplies from the tree. Now get ready for the differences!…show more content…
While in one book the character in need asks for another character to give supplies, the other book’s character was simply just given the gifts. The book that has a character that asks is The Giving Tree, so even though both characters in need came to collect the gifts, the boy asked the tree for the gift and then the tree gave him some objects. On the other hand, in 14 Cows for America, America didn’t ask for anything, but the people of Maasai still gave them the gifts. In addition, The Giving Tree’s genre is fiction, meaning how the tree gives the gifts is fantasised. However, in 14 Cows for America, its genre is nonfiction, so since it is nonfiction Kimeli and his tribe actually gave the cows when America experienced the 9-11-2001 attack. The genres and the characters are
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