14 Year Olds-Personal Narrative

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One stormy dark night me and 3 of my friends were about to the unthinkable for a bunch of 14 year olds. My friend Dave was wearing a black shirt with a black beanie black pants and a backpack filled with things we were gonna need for what we were about to do. My other friend joe was wearing the same thing as Dave. And my other friend Zane was wearing the same thing as Dave and Joe. we all pretty much wearing the same thing.

There was a reason for wearing all black. It's because their was no trespassing on the property so that way if the cops came driving around near the house we could easily hide. We were about to step foot on the most frightful house of all time.
We were gonna go into the old fowler house. It was supposedly haunted by one of the old fowler residents. the house was over 100 years old so we had no problem believing that the house was haunted.The house was hidden in the forest behind the dancing trees. As we approached the front door of the house we immediately heard a loud thud coming from inside the house. My friends jumped as we heard the loud noise.

I was the brave one out of the group. I turned the doorknob to the front door so we could enter. I could tell my friends were hesitant about going in the house. We heard another thud from upstairs. It almost sounded as if
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We all darted up the stairs as fast as we could. I had never seen joe run so fast in my life.we tried all the upstairs Windows we even attempted the bathroom window but they were all locked. We looked for a back door but there was none. But I had an idea I always kept a bobby pin cause of an incident I had were my family was on vacation and I was stuck in the bathroom. My idea was to try to pick the lock with the Bobby Pin. We snuck across the creaky floor straight to the front donor.I tried my idea but then I remembered that I'm not very good with picking locks. I've only done it once before. The Bobby pin broke
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