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BEO 3517 International Trade Practices Semester 3, 2013 G roup A ssignment 2 (10%of total subject marks) Assignments are to be done in groups of approx. 5 students and the group is to indicate the apportionment of marks to each group member (by indicating marks next to student signatures on the cover sheet). D date: A advised by your lecturer ue s Part O due at the beginning of tutorials in week X ne: On Monday 4 March, (week2) you are to obtain the following information:  The spot rate for the United States Dollar - USD (you MUST provide hard copy evidence of where this information was obtained) You will have to decide whether you will enter into a forward exchange contract or not. The value of the contract is as…show more content…
The information you are to use for completing the necessary documents is as follows: Seller: AUSEX Pty Ltd 82 James St, Largetown, Vic 3999 Australia Tel: +613 93766578 Exporter registration number: VU133 Buyer: Bamboo Imports 56 Jalan Petaling Kuala Lumpur 50545 Malaysia Tel: +60 3 92567839 Roberto Bergami © 2013 Terms of Delivery: CIP Kuala Lumpur, uncleared for import, all charges outside for buyer’s account, Incoterms 2010 Method of payment: Direct payment in USD 60 days from invoice date. Invoice and payment will be in USD. Transport details: a) Sea transport: Southern Bay voyage 67, Departing Melbourne 8 November 2013, destination Singapore Latest receival date: 5 Novem,ber 2013 Bill of Lading Number 54234 Transit time to Singapore: 15 days Cost: Seafreight: USD 875.00; Cartage to wharf: AUD 205.00; Documentation: AUD 255.00 b) Air Transport: Flight SQ 321 Melbourne-Singapore 10 November 2013, then SQ 850 Singapore- Kuala Lumpur 11 November 2013 AWB 618 – 1234 5678 Costs: Airfreigtht: AUD 1780.00; Cartage to airport: AUD 185.00; Documentation: AUD 195.00 Insurance charges (regardless of mode of transport). Premium = (CPT invoice value X 110%) X 0.3% On Monday April 1 (week X + 6) you are required to:  Obtain the current spot rate (must be from the same source as the other rates above). At the start of the tutorial in week 8 you will also submit a brief written analysis on the effect of the exchange rates against the amount

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