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chapter 2: In The Lab 1
Preparing a Short Research Paper
Save a document with a new filename
Modify a style
Adjust line spacing
Modify paragraph spacing
Create a document header
Right-align a paragraph
Insert page numbers
Insert text
Center a paragraph
Left-align a paragraph
Indent the first line of a paragraph
Change the bibliography style
Insert a citation
Create a source
Edit a citation
Insert a page break
Insert a bibliography
Convert a field to regular text
Italicize text
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FIGURE 6 Text to enter for third body paragraph * *

At the end of the last sentence in the third body paragraph, after the phrase “Wii game console” (and before the period), type a space, and then insert a citation to the Bloom bibliographical source shown in Figure 7.
FIGURE 7 Bloom bibliographical source * *
Edit the Bloom citation in the third paragraph to display pages 56-59 at the end of the citation. Do not insert a space before or after the hyphen in the page number reference. * The three body paragraphs you typed so far, and the citations you inserted and edited, should look like Figure 8.

FIGURE 8 First three body paragraphs with inserted and edited citations
Cortez citation
Joyce citation
Bloom citation

Type the fourth body paragraph of the research paper by entering the text shown in Figure 9. FIGURE 9 Text to enter for fourth body paragraph * *
After the fourth body paragraph, press the ENTER key and then insert a manual page break to begin a new page. Enter the text Works Cited and center that text. Rather than typing the sources, use the Insert Bibliography command in the Bibliography gallery to insert the list of sources. Convert the bibliography field to regular text (Hint: Use CTRL+SHIFT+F9).
Change the line spacing for the bibliography sources to double. Change the format of the source titles from underline to italics (to update the MLA Sixth Edition style to match the latest
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