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The Questionnaire Velociq-101


1. A Process defines basically :
Answer : ...Choose...A running Program Who is doing what when and how to reach a specific goal A new procedure to be implemented All of the above 2. ISO, CMM, Six Sigma are
Answer : ...Choose...Quality models Tools Programming LanguagesCoding Standards 3. The International Standard for Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 emphasizes on :

Answer : ...Choose...

a. Process Quality (rather than product Quality)
b. Product Quality
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. Critical Component quality 4. Maintenance Process Model is best suited for
Answer : ...Choose...Problem resolution on
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The set of actions to be taken to minimize the occurrence of Risk is documented as part of
Answer : ...Choose...Contingency plan Mitigation Plan Defect Prevention Report Risk Tracker

21. veloci-Q has a ____ -tier architecture
Answer : ...Choose...234 Multi-dimensional 22. Which phases of SDLC can be sources for errors?
Answer : ...Choose...RS, Design, CUT, IT, ST & ATRS, Design, CUT, IT & STRS, Design, CUT & ITRS, Design & CUT 23. Which of the below statements is incorrect on shared vision
Answer : ...Choose...Team members of the project should participate while evolving shared vision Shared vision is evolved from individual goals and objectives Shared vision is documented in the project plan Customer needs are considered while evolving project shared vision 24. Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the ____________ Criteria
Answer : ...Choose...WBS DMADVETVX SDLC 25. The prevention activities coming out of a LAM is documented in
Answer : ...Choose...
a. Project Plan
c. Defect Prevention Report
d. Risk Plan 26. Voice Of Customer (VOC) can be used to
Answer : ...Choose...Prioritize customer requirements Select requirements Analyze customer requirements Requirements traceability 27. The data and information of all previously executed projects are in the:
Answer : ...Choose...Project data bank PIP DB Treasure house Navigator 28. The CMMI

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