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During a recent MAFFS rotation my crew and I discussed books we were currently reading. TSgt Reed Scott filled me in on a book he’s working on called Leaders Eat Last authored by Simon Sinek. Intrigued however, I googled the title and came across a YouTube video of Simon Sinek’s seminar covering the same material. The video was about 45 minutes and began with Sinek describing a two ship of A-10’s in Af-ghanistan which, despite a low cloud deck, provided troops in contact with a series of suppressive fire until they depleted their ammunition saving all 21 lives of the sol-diers below engaged in the fight. Sinek’s question then was where do people/leaders like these A-10 pilots come from? What are these people made of who serve and sacrifice…show more content…
I’m really going out on a limb here and providing a good target for ridicule but I’ll throw it out there anyway because I know there are some who will accept and maybe even use it. My acronym is DREAM and it represents ways to be successful in interpersonal rela-tionships. Dignity, Respect, Engaged, Atti-tude and Miles. Treat people with Dignity and Respect always. Stay Engaged; in the easy stuff and the hard stuff as well. Ask questions to learn something new about someone you don’t know or consider figuring out a way to help solve the DTS, AROWS or lodging issues for example and pass that on to others. Show up with a good Attitude and be very aware of when it’s not quite there. Finally, walk a Mile in someone else’s shoes. You may not like finance’s DTS rejection emails, but have you ever asked them how many they process every day for example? DREAM. Cheesy? Maybe. But give it a try and I guarantee this place will feel the change. As I assume command of the 187th Airlift Squadron this weekend, my guarantee to all of you is the same guarantee I gave when I first signed on. That is, I will show up to work in a three point stance every day; mo-tivated and ready to move the ball down the field as part of this team. I’ve got big shoes to fill and truly stand on the shoulders of giants who have previously led this squadron. I am honored to serve you all in this capacity and thank you all for
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