15Th. I Know I Am Also Placing Women'S And African-American’S

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15th I know I am also placing Women 's and African-American’s rights to vote lower than others might, but again that because how i 'm interpreting the 14th amendment. I am also placing the 19th and 15th amendment next to each other, but they aren’t in any paramount assortment, just more of together, but I will be addressing each independently. The reason I do find this amendment necessary as much as I do like throwing in the 14th, is because racism did exist. Sure non-whites could claim they are a person and born in the united states so they are citizens and should logically have a right to vote, but no-body would let them. There were no provisions over who could vote and it was primarily up to the states. I know I might seem racist with…show more content…
Along with the rising threats of larger militaries spawning in the world, it became apparent we needed more funding for our own. Along with the rapid development of America came more demands for the government to pay for. Although, how the money is collected is confusing, and how it is spent becomes wasteful at times. The IRS is one of the most confusing systems to understand for not only citizens, but the people who operate and work for it. Alongside with how the money is never saved and meant to be spent when given to government agencies, doesn’t respect the taxpayer. I find it necessary, although how it is practiced boots it down the list. 11th The eleventh amendment was the first amendment added after the bill of rights, it was one of the more confusing ones for me to understand because how it’s been reinterpreted and written after a certain situation. As I now understand it, it is to give a sort of sovereign immunity to states to not hear suits against them and to restrict the federal government from hearing the cases where the state is the defendant. I personally find the idea of suing states both good and bad in the sense that citizens should be allowed to collect damages cause by states and bad because that money they are suing for most likely was collected from taxpayers and taxpayers

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