15th Judical Court in Colorado

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During the morning fall hours of November 7th, 2013 within the minute desolate rural community of Cheyenne Wells, Colorado as entered the historic three story Victorian style building in which the 15th District Court of Cheyenne County which was playing host to several criminal court cases according to the court docket. The county happens to be the sixth least densely populated county within the state of Colorado in which provided a shocking revelation as the vastly large docket of criminal offenses in which was scheduled to be heard this morning. In order to access the courtrooms on would began by walking to the second floor of the county building building were Sheriff Ken Putnam was found standing outside the courtroom next to a metal detector. Sheriff Putnam was acting as the court security officer. The job description of a courts security officer is to ensure that no one enters the courtroom with a weapon unless they are a law enforcement officer directly related to a criminal case. For law enforcement officers attending that are not directly involved in the court proceedings they also are not allowed to carry firearms into the courtroom as set by a provisions in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The court security officer also continuously watches all doors and roams throughout the floor where the hearings are occurring to watch for any suspicious activity. Once the courtroom room is in sessions they are position in close proximity to the judge. Once in place they will
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