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Bulls on Wall Street
16 Day Trading Bootcamp

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Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 - Technical Analysis
Value of Technical Analysis
Understanding the Dynamics of an Auction Market
How to Follow the Flow of Money
Chapter 3 - Charting Basics
Chart Setup
Price/Volume Relationship
Intraday vs. Daily Charts
Chapter 4 - Understanding Market Cycles
Chapter 5- Define Your Trading Style
Position Trading
Which type of trader are you?
Chapter 6 - Support and Resistance Trading
The dynamics of support and resistance
Types of support/resistance
Daily support/resistance
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I believe that all people are meant to do something special and that everyone has a talent or a knack for something where they can be extraordinary. The key is to find it and embrace it. Its a sad thing to see so many people muddle through their lives just living to work, putting in their time and doing just enough to get by and making just enough to survive. So many people go through life and never find that one thing that moves them, that inspires them and gives meaning to their career. Other times I see people that do have a passion for something but are just to afraid to go after it. They are afraid to fail or that they won't be able to support themselves if they follow their dreams. That fear hangs over them for a long time before they finally let their dream be extinguished and then just live a life of regret. Most people never regret the risks they take in life, but they often regret the risks they
DIDN'T take. I took that risk and it changed my life forever. I'm not only able to take care of my family and spoil them rotten, but I am able to live my life on my own terms and under my own rules. If you're like me and dream about the markets at night and on Sunday get goosebumps of excitement from the mark opening in a few hours...if you sit at your cubicle hating your job and your boss as the only thing you want to be doing is trading, then this class is going to be the tool that gets you where

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