16th Century Voyages

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Voyages of Discovery The initial voyages that took place in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century are the most important events to understanding the modern world. Although humans had been migrating to different areas since they could walk, it was these voyages that opened up the entire world to all people. Trade, globalization, intermingling of races, science, technology, religion, and people discovering new lands are all a product of these initial voyages. Christopher Columbus, with the backing of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain in 1492, headed west across the Atlantic to find a more direct and lucrative route to China and Japan. Although he never made it to either, he opened the door to the Americas, and also set the…show more content…
Nations fought for dominance in the world and those with better technology and tactics found it very easy to conquer those without that technology. This has set precedence in world history, the stronger a nation’s army is the more they can take over. A nation’s military capabilities have shaped the world as we know it. With nations expanding and countries adventuring into new worlds, disease has also played a major factor in how the world changed. Without disease the Americas may be a completely different place these days. Although the Spanish conquistadors had better weapons and armor than the natives, disease killed more of them than the fighting did. If the native people had immunities to the diseases the Europeans brought over it is no telling if the Americas would be the same as they are today. In the new world of exploration religion became a critical factor for most. Christianity was pushed on many throughout the world by the European travelers. This has had major effects on the world throughout history. Many wars have been fought over religious differences, such as the thirty years’ war. In the new world European missionaries used their knowledge of Indian beliefs and rituals against them to get people to convert. African slaves that were brought to the new lands had no choice but to convert to whatever their captors said. These pressures did not work as well in the Islamic world or in China, but religion
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