16th President of the United States 1861-1865

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16th President of the United States 1861–1865 Physical Characteristics: 6′4″ tall, gray eyes, black hair Born: February 12, 1809, in Hogdenville, Kentucky Died: April 15, 1865, in Washington, D.C. Burial Place: Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois FAMILY Ancestry: English Religion: Christian (no specific affiliation) Father: Thomas Lincoln (1778–1851); farmer, carpenter and wheelwright Mother: Nancy Hanks Lincoln (1784–1818) Married: November 4, 1842, to Mary Todd (1818–1882) The First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln grew up in Kentucky, a member of the social elite of Lexington. She met Abraham Lincoln, then a young lawyer, at her sister's home in Springfield, Illinois. Mary was described as short, plump, pretty, and temperamental. The courtship was stormy, with a broken engagement, but they shared a love of literature and politics. Mary welcomed the social status and responsibilities of being First Lady. She was criticized, however, for extravagance in entertaining during a time of war. Children: Robert Todd Lincoln (1843–1926); Edward Baker Lincoln (1846–1850); William Wallace Lincoln (1850–1862); Thomas “Tad” Lincoln (1853–1871) CHILDHOOD Abraham Lincoln was born in a small log cabin in Kentucky. When he was almost 8 years old, the family (which included an older sister) moved to southwestern Indiana. There Abe helped his father clear the land and build a cabin. Abe's mother died when he was 9. The next year, his father married Sarah Bush Johnston, a

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