18-25 Target Audience Analysis

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Why is 18-25 year olds the appropriate target audience?
Drinking Age
In the UK from the age of eighteen you are legally allowed to buy alcohol and get into clubs. This is where young adults fail to see the dangers of binge drinking as they are so excited that they are now legal. This health promotion campaign will make sure that it explains to these young people the importance of moderating how much they are drinking, making sure that they spread their drinks out and also cutting down binge drinking and hopefully stop completely for the main reason of saving their health and protecting their health for the future. 18-25 year olds are the main targets of individuals on a night out in the UK and this is one main reason towards my target audience
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As they are still at a young age in life they’re still part of the most vulnerable age, where anything could happen to them. AS these ages they are either in full time education or in a full time job, this will help make sure that the health promotion campaign is offered to everyone as they will always be there and for schools they can be taken out and a talk can be given to them from either someone from the police, someone who has experienced bad consequences of binge drinking or just a talk from the teachers explaining the effects to make sure that they are aware of the consequences of their actions maybe. Binge drinking is a rising concern in the UK, alcohol may not affect a range of stoical and age groups but I believe that 18-25 year olds are targeted group due to the increase in statistics. As they are still so young, they are still learning new things at either work or at school, so therefore will take more of the information told in than someone who is 60+ who can’t remember a lot due to memory loss due to age. As these people are still young even if they are an alcoholic they are at an age where this can be sorted out, and people are there who can help them get over this problem whereas someone who is older in their 60’s then it would be harder to help them and get them off the…show more content…
A large percentage of people who binge drink often end up breaking the laws in some way due to alcohol and the way a person thinks and behaves. They soon forget what’s right and wrong and the way they behave is different due to them becoming more aggressive and deuterated, they are more likely to start a fight or commit a crime when they are drunk. Another reason why heath promotions are important because it can teach people who already binge drink about the dangers of becoming an alcoholic. Statistics show that in the UK today, one in thirteen adults are alcoholics and are dependent on alcohol. Most of these alcoholics have become addicted due to binged drinking from a young age this is where the high statistics come from in the 18-25 age group. Even though alcohol is the second drug to kill the most people after cigarettes there I still such a high percentage of deaths due to alcohol. By educated the people that are most worthwhile will mean that there will get more from the health campaign and will be educated upon the different effects binge drinking can have. Therefore, by making my focus being towards 18-25 year olds these effects that binge drinking can have will be taken more seriously and they can take more action straight away to stop them being affected by these
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