18 Year Olds Research Paper

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I think our country should have 18-year-olds serve in compulsory military service. There are many beneficial things from this, you will learn some discipline if you didn't already have some, also you won't have to pay a full college tuition. However, you can't choose where you go, you do what they say, not what you want.
To start off with, you will learn some discipline if you haven't already. Some kids at home weren't raised strictly or taught to be mannerly to people. Some 18-year-olds will think making a rude comment, or not showing any manner towards adults is okay, but it really isn't! I think showing discipline is a skill every kid should know by the age of 18. This program would teach the kids who never got that. Showing respect to people, and acting right is so important, and America is lacking this. This will help this issue out greatly.
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Many kids at the age of 18 decide if they are going to go to college or not. Some don't go because they have other plans in mind. 12% of people don't go to college because they don't have the money to pay. Now if are country required all 18-year-olds to do compulsory military service, you would get a huge discount for college. This would result in many more students attending college. I think this would benefit our country greatly by helping kids get a better education after their service was complete.
Finally, you don't get to choose where they put you, and you can't do what you want. Some kids get will get put into to areas they don't want to go. You can't sign up to go somewhere, you can choose to go with friends. They look at you and they send you off to a place based on your abilities. Also, you will have to get up when they tell you. You can't do what you want any more, you will have to do what they say. Even if you disagree, they won't care. You do what they say and if they talk back, or refuse to do this, there will be
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