18 vs. 21: Drinking Age

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Why do people only want to change the drinking age from 21 to 18, when there are other activities that have limit of age such as marriage at 18, driving at 16 and 35 to be a president? Alcohol plays a major role in today society, which becomes a controversial issue among teens. Alcohol is a mind-altering chemical that is potentially more dangerous than any other drug and can be very destructive. For past few years, many people are trying to lower the drinking age without knowing the negative effects of alcohol and how lowering drinking age would harm our communities. Underage drinking is a serious problem for teenagers in the United States. In 1984 the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed by the federal government, which required …show more content…
During adolescence there are a number of important changes taking place in our brain. It is possible that repeated excessive amount of alcohol alters the course of brain development in a way that might be hard to correct if the abuse persists throughout the adolescence period. In " There 's no benefit to lowering the drinking age", Robert Voas, senior research scientist has described that "The 21 law is predicating on the fact that drinking is more dangerous for youth because they're still developing mentally and physically, and they lack experience and are more likely to take risk." Voas states that teens are not mentally developed which indicates that their brains are not fully developed to take such decisions about drinking. Since, teen’s brains are not fully developed, so they are not aware of the risk they are taking and how dangerous it is. I agree with Robert Voas, “There's no benefit to lowering the drinking age”, that we should not lower the drinking age to 18 because many teens’ brains are still developing at the age of 18. Also, throughout the way to 21 they are able to understand how to limit their drinking. From my experience, I have seen my friends drink and drive and mentally not be able to make the right decisions while they are drunk so I would not want to lower the drinking age to 18. Therefore drinking at age of 18 could harm our brain in way that
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