1800 Week Of Exercise Analysis

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This month I did 1800 minutes of exercise! Every day I wake up at 6:45 and I play until 7:45. I do a lot of fitness and work on soccer at that time. In the morning I do running, jump rope, and do soccer drills with my dad. This month, I learned how to head a soccer ball and improve my touch on the ball. My dad taught me how to do these techniques and he got the fear out of me. I also got a new record with juggling a soccer ball and jump rope. I did 632 juggles and I jumped roped 72 jumps at a stretch. I improved my fitness a lot his month. I had a much better performance after practicing on game-day than the last week's game. I practice soccer at least 2 hours everyday. I also scooter or bike to school 3 times a week. I live about 10 minutes
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