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Marketing Research
Assignment A
1. “Food Mania” is a chain of fast food restaurants located in major metropolitan areas in the south. Sales have been growing very slowly for the last two years. Management has decided to add some new items to the menu, but first they want to know more about their customers and their preferences.

List two Hypothesis

Ans a. A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for an observable phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be put forward as a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.

Two hypothesis for fast food chain are:
Hypothesis one: Restaurants that use revenue management strategies to a greater extent to reduce the uncertainty of arrival, the length of meal duration, and
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Why the information is needed.
Step 1. Select the team
Conducting a focus group interview requires a small team, with at least a facilitator to guide the discussion and a rapport. The facilitator should be a native speaker who can put people at ease. The team should have substantive knowledge of the topic under discussion. Skills and experience in conducting focus groups are also important. If the interviews are to be conducted by members of a broader evaluation team without previous experience in focus group techniques, training is suggested. This training can take the form of role playing, formalized instruction on topic sequencing and probing for generating and managing group discussions, as well as pre-testing discussion guides in pilot groups.
Step 2. Select the participants
First, identify the types of groups and institutions that should be represented (such as program managers, customers, partners, technical experts, government officials) in the focus groups. This will be determined by the information needs of the study. Often separate focus groups are held for each type of group. Second, identify the most suitable people in each group. One of the best approaches is to consult key informants who know about local conditions. It is prudent to consult several informants to minimize the biases of individual preferences. Each focus group should be 7 to 11 people.
Step 3. Decide on timing and location: Timing of the discussion

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