1877 Great Compromise Essay

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1. What is the importance of the 1877 Great Compromise for the freed people?

The 1877 Great Compromise was important for freed slaves because it signaled the end of Jim Crow and ushered in the Jim Crow Era. The 1876 election was disputed between Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes and to resolve it, the republicans agreed to withdraw the army from Louisiana and South Carolina. This withdrawal of troops from the south remove the only form of enforcement of the new laws protecting freed slaves from discrimination and segregation.

2. Does the Constitution address slavery? If so, explain where and why it did?

The 13th amendment addresses slavery. It says, “Neither
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There were the peaceful riot advocates and the black power militia supporters. Either way, the civil rights activists gained ground by exploiting several different methods and reaching different crowds. There were the legal gurus at the NAACP that challenged a lot of racist and unethical laws and bills. There were the mostly peaceful but often violent protests like the March on Washington or the Selma to Montgomery March.

The CRM was heavily influenced by the church (or by religion – broadly). A lot of the people that organized the demonstrations and planned the major events were religious leaders. They were so influential because of their education status, which was usually bible college or some sort. They already knew how to manage resources from their experience in church, how to congregate people, and how to address them with eloquence and authority.

The CRM resulted in the virtual release of many minorities from bondage but physically a lot of people did not see their lives change as significantly. The CRM made it so that a bank could no longer legally discriminate from black people when it came to credit and mortgages but it did not completely stop the practice, it just removed the legal protections. I feel that CRM was a great precursor to what we have now with the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice movements that not only address law but address societal conceptions and
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