1880 To 1860 Essay

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In 1877 the south was far behind the north, to spite having more railroads. The south did not have electricity, Public school’s public health services or even telephones. From 1880 to the 1900’s the south started building railroads and from 1880 to 1890 they doubled their tracks. They also began producing iron and steel, while also starting their own set of goods like timber mills, tobacco and textile mills. In the South a weak agricultural economy, and a high rural birthrate decreased wages severely. low wages undermined the southern economy in multiple ways. The poorly paid workers did not buy much or provide tax revenue limiting funding for education. Low wages also kept educated immigrants out of the areas, because without jobs that paid well enough they could not afford the…show more content…
In 1880, Mail, telegraph, railroad, and the newspaper brought the city to life again thanks to the attention of farm families. In turn farm families visited nearby towns and cities more often helping boost their economy. In the south close to 250,000 landowners had joined the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry by 1875. The grange was a large majority landowner’s who did not have the same goals and ideas as the small farms did, causing much chaos. The group that held the most power was the Southern Farmers Alliance, the Alliance sponsored farmer’s cooperatives provided their members with discounts on supplies and credit. By the late 1890’s it had more than a million members most of which were active in their communities. One thing that stood out however was Alliance did not accept black members to join their group. In the year 1886 black farmers created the first Colored Farmers Alliance in Texas. To protect the cotton and to make sure it would be safely shipped to market. The farmers would wrap it in a burlap sack like material called jute to protect it. In 1888, jute manufacturers agreed together to raise the price from 7 cents a yard to as much as 14 cents a yard, doubling
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