19021 Unit 1 Assignment

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EREPORT # 19021 stated the following: The incident happened last night, 2/8/2016. Destiny's mother has "taken off" as evidenced by empty drawers and closets. Destiny stayed home alone all night by herself. The concern is that Destiny is not supposed to be alone with her dad, per DHS. Dad never came home last night, but the concern is 1) dad comes home and she is alone with him or 2) dad doesn't come home and she is alone again by herself all night. I found out abou the situation because the teacher told me. estiny disclosed to her teacher about being home alone, mother "taken off" and that dad may come home and she has to be alone with him. During the Summer of 2014, father sexually abused her. The prior abuse/neglect was reproted but I do
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